AI in Sewer

AI in Sewers

AI in Sewers The importance of the pipe network beneath out feet Our cities and suburbs are supported by a vast underground network of water, wastewater and storm water infrastructure. This network of gravity pipes, pumps and filtration sys ...

VAPAR VC Funding AutoDesk

VAPAR Secures AUD $5M Investment from Autodesk, PureTerra Ventures and Existing Backers to Drive Global Expansion into North America 

The VC round was led by Dutch water technology specialist VC, PureTerra Ventures. PureTerra, is renowned for its commitment to advancing sustainable and innovative solutions in the water sector. Also investing in this round is Autodesk, Inc., a leading software provider for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, product design, media and entertainment industries. All existing institutional investors (Halma Ventures (UK), Sprint Ventures (AU), Access Capital Ventures (AU) and Metagrove Ventures (USA), amongst others) participated in the oversubscribed raise.

Customer Engagement Insights for Water Startups Blog

Customer Engagement Insights for Water Startups

Explore the unique journey of water industry startups as they navigate challenges like procurement hurdles, brand recognition, and technical readiness. Learn how accelerators, lab programs, and direct procurement strategies offer pathways to success, fostering innovation and building trust in a competitive market.

The Importance of Lateral Junction Repairs in Pipe Rehabilitation blog banner

The Importance of Lateral Junction Repairs in Pipe Rehabilitation 

Dive into the critical realm of Lateral Junction Repairs (LJR) in pipe rehabilitation. Explore its significance in maintaining infrastructure, the innovative trenchless techniques used, equipment essentials, and potential risks. Compare leading LJR options like LatSeal and TopHat to make informed decisions. Safeguard your sewer networks and ensure wastewater systems operate efficiently.