What AMP 8 means for Pipe Asset Health in the UK 

What AMP 8 means for Pipe Asset Health in the UK


What is AMP 8?

In the context of the UK water industry, each water company is required to develop an Asset Management Plan (AMP) which outlines how they will manage and maintain their infrastructure assets over a specified regulatory period, typically lasting around five years. AMP 8 refers to the eighth Asset Management Plan cycle, covering the period from 2020 to 2025. During this period, water companies in the UK set out their investment plans, service commitments, and pricing proposals to ensure the continued delivery of safe, reliable, and sustainable water and wastewater services to customers. 

But how does pipe asset health intertwine with AMP 8, and why is it crucial for the UK water industry? Let’s dive deeper into this symbiotic relationship. 


Why Pipe Asset Health Matters

The sewer network is operated by water companies and are subject to various challenges that can compromise their integrity and performance over time. Factors such as age, material degradation, corrosion, ground movement, and external stresses can contribute to the deterioration of pipes, sewer overflows into waterway and service disruptions. Moreover, aging infrastructure poses a significant challenge, with many pipes in the UK dating back several decades. 

Pipe Asset Health in AMP 8


AMP 8 is a timeframe over which the water companies can implement a strategic framework to address the evolving needs of their infrastructure and customers. Within this context, the condition and performance of pipe assets are central considerations that directly influence investment decisions, operational priorities, and service delivery strategies. Here’s how pipe asset health relates to key aspects of AMP 8: 

  • Investment Planning: Water companies must allocate resources effectively to maintain, repair, and replace aging or deteriorating pipes. Asset management strategies informed by condition assessments, risk evaluations, and predictive analytics help prioritise investments based on the criticality of assets and the potential impact on service delivery. 
  • Service Commitments: Meeting regulatory obligations and customer expectations hinges on the reliability and resilience of water supply networks. By proactively managing pipe asset health, water companies can minimise the frequency and duration of service interruptions, ensuring continuous access to clean water and efficient wastewater management. 
  • Performance Targets: OFWAT sets performance targets for water companies, including indicators related to leakage reduction, water quality compliance, and customer satisfaction. Maintaining optimal pipe asset health is essential for achieving these targets, as damaged pipes compromise service reliability. 

OFWAT's guidance for Asset Health in AMP 8

OFWAT plays a pivotal role in overseeing the water industry and ensuring that water companies deliver value for money while meeting regulatory requirements. The regulator evaluates each water company’s AMP 8 proposals, scrutinising their approach to asset management, investment planning, and service delivery. From the documentation released in the lead up to AMP 8, OFWAT is encouraging water companies to adopt a holistic and proactive approach to asset management, emphasising the importance of innovation, efficiency, and long-term sustainability.


In conclusion, the health and resilience of pipe networks is an important aspect of meeting the challenges set by OFWAT over AMP 8 for UK water companies. By prioritising asset management, investment planning, and service delivery strategies, water companies can uphold high standards of performance, meet regulatory requirements, and ensure the continued delivery of safe and reliable water services to consumers. With the support of OFWAT and insights from research studies, the water industry is poised to navigate the challenges of AMP 8 and embrace opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and sustainable infrastructure management.

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