The VAPAR Team Continues to Grow – Welcome Mark Lee!

The VAPAR Team Continues to Grow – Welcome Mark Lee!

VAPAR recently brought on former Senior Asset Engineer, Mark to help give us new insights on how to deliver value to our customers.

Mark has spent more than a decade as an engineer managing the asset lifecycle of pipes. He’s been involved in design and construction through to condition assessment and decommissioning, including all that occurs between. 

He made the move from a public utility to VAPAR after seeing the industry’s need for improved modern solutions to pipe condition assessment and the associated management of data. Mark understands our customer’s requirements and is passionate about bringing efficient solutions to them.

We sat down with Mark to get some personal insights from him.

What made you want to join the VAPAR team?
ML: I’ve always been an advocate of using smart processes and technology to simplify, optimise and accelerate tasks. After seeing what VAPAR can do for pipe condition assessments, I knew it was a company I wanted to join.

What would we typically find you doing away from the office?
ML: I really enjoy running and am up at 5am every day. I have a great group of friends who meet and run early in the morning to start the day with some exercise, a quick swim at the beach and a morning cup of coffee.

What’s your favourite holiday spot?
ML: I love visiting Bright in Victoria. Relaxing next to the Ovens River and getting up into the Victorian High Country is the best. I’m rarely happier than when I’m standing on the summit of Mt Feathertop looking out over the panorama of surrounding peaks.

You’re Australian, but haven’t always lived here, is that correct?
ML: That’s right – my wife is from Finland and we’ve been lucky enough to spend some time living in Europe. We moved to Helsinki for a few years so our children could learn the language. It’s a beautiful country and was a great experience.

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