Round 2: Smart Cities and Suburbs Program

Round 2: Smart Cities and Suburbs Program

“While technology is important, it’s what we do with it that truly matters” – Muhammad Yunus

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There is a lot to be said about the way smart technology can be implemented in our public sector, and just as much about the efforts to do so. It’s a bold move, without doubt, for government organisations to invest public money into the emerging smart technologies, and many have been shown to provide a lot of meaningful value back to the taxpayer.

The City of Darwin, for example, is implementing “city-scale smart infrastructure, including smart services (lighting, parking, wifi) integrated through an open IoT platform. This smart technology will contribute to city rejuvenation and, together with open data, will help to stimulate new partnerships and business growth, creating new job opportunities and helping to combat social and safety challenges”. This is one of 49 federal government initiatives funded as part of Round 1 of the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program where the local government agency or body has 2 years to bring their smart initiative to life – meaningfully.

At VAPAR, technology is applied for a deliberate, value creating purpose. We streamline resource intensive workflows relating to asset management using machine learning so that employees are more responsive to critical tasks. For example, AIMI (Artificial Intelligence Maintenance Inspection) software allows local government and water authorities to manage the visual inspection data from their ageing assets through an automated defect review system. In other words, AIMI watches the backlog of CCTV inspection footage and automatically outputs a condition report that meets infrastructure reporting requirements, in a variety of accessible formats. In this way, engineers and operators are freed up to address more critical tasks in the delivery and operational plans whilst meeting their OLG Special Schedule 7 or Financial Reporting requirements. Check out a quick demo here.

Applications are open for Round 2 of the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program from 5 May, 2018 to 2 July, 2018.

Talk to VAPAR today about how we can support your Round 2 Application to implement your smart vision for the community you support.

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