Environmental Tech Lab & NYC Department of Environmental Protection piloting VAPAR


The Environmental Tech Lab (ETL), a collaboration between the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Partnership Fund for New York City, was launched in May 2023 to address challenges in managing the city’s expansive water and wastewater network.

With a focus on innovation, the ETL seeks to source and implement cutting-edge solutions to enhance operational efficiency and data utilization within DEP.

After receiving nearly 100 applications from around the world, the ETL selected eight growth-stage startups to participate in a proof of concept. ETL worked closely with DEP to test and implement solutions aimed at improving critical infrastructure and ensuring the continued delivery of safe drinking water to New Yorkers.

About the Network

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP) oversees one of the most extensive and complex sewer networks in the world, serving over 8 million residents and countless visitors.

With over 6,000 miles of sewer mains, the NYC DEP ensures the efficient and sustainable management of wastewater across the city's five boroughs.

Project Snapshot

VAPAR.Solutions  analyzed 20,000 ft of CCTV sewer pipe footage and provided 162 automated repair suggestions to help DEP prioritize repair schedules.

The platform was able to make repair recommendations 68% faster than current methods.

NYC Department of Environmental Protection Pilot

In this pilot study, approximately 20,000 feet of CCTV inspection footage was efficiently processed using VAPAR.Solutions. The platform facilitated the review of defects and automated repair suggestions, aiding in the confirmation of final further works decisions for each pipe asset.

Additionally, what-if scenarios and cost estimations were conducted to support investment decision-making. The detailed dashboarding provided insights into the root causes of pipe network failures, enhancing overall understanding and management of the infrastructure.

You can learn more about the results of the Environmental Tech Lab here.

“The product was very easy to use, accurate in reporting pipe defects, and effective in repair recommendations.”

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