Simple and fast pipe condition assessment powered by AI.  

Powered by machine learning, VAPAR.Solutions™ automatically codes inspection footage identifying and classifying defects.

Users can manage their projects using the inspection workflow manager, and export reports in multiple formats.

All done from one intuitive platform, removing the need for external storage to hold inspection data files.

Get reliable and consistent pipe condition assessments faster

Using any web-browser and an internet connection, upload your videos on-site with just a few clicks. Once completed, the inspection is automatically processed using the AI ready for review by the time you are back in the office.

Digitise and centralise your pipe assessment and repair process

With intuitive still frame view and drop-down options, the review process is faster than examining a full inspection video.

Manage your asset inspections with the new workflow manager

Now you can track all your job status within the platform, so you can better allocate resources where needed.

Cloud-based secure storage sharing

With Microsoft Azure cloud, you can be sure all your data is secured. You can also share your results internally or externally with a secure link.

How VAPAR.Solutions works

Step 1

Upload your CCTV footage to VAPAR's cloud platform from anywhere

Step 2

Inspections are automatically processed using the AI producing results for your review

Step 3

Export your deliverables, store all data, share results using a secure link