Powering investment on over 0 feet of pipe annually

Prioritise spending on your highest risk assets

Tools to ensure you spend the right amount of money, on the right pipe, at the right time. Balance asset performance with budget constraints using our customised methods of segmenting your highest risk assets.

Prevent pipe failures with root cause analysis

Dive deep into the reasons behind asset performance issues, enabling targeted interventions that help prevent potential repeat problems for your customers.

Increase the quality and pace of your team's decisions

Using AI, you can get both quality and quantity. Streamline CCTV video review processes, cutting down the time needed to assess and prioritise follow on works, getting a resolution for your customer faster.

How it works

Step 1

Upload your CCTV footage to VAPAR's cloud platform from wherever your teams are

Step 2

Review the AI-powered CCTV condition results to create rehabilitation actions & priorities

Step 3

Target rehabilitation expenditure to the areas that are the highest priority for your network