Meet the latest addition to our team: Jay Brar

Meet the latest addition to our team: Jay Brar

Jay is a versatile marketing professional with extensive experience, including collaborating with prominent global IT organisations, developing marketing plans for franchise gym models, and providing support to Government funded Healthcare Partners. Throughout his career, Jay’s unwavering passion for problem-solving and operational efficiency has remained a driving force.

Jay, a proud member of the vibrant Indian Panjabi community, was born and raised in Western Sydney. Apart from his professional pursuits, he finds immense joy in sports and music, particularly cricket and the captivating rhythms of EDM.

To gain deeper insights into Jay’s character, delve into the following Q&A session.

Why Marketing?

JB: Ever since my high school days, I have been captivated by the intricacies of consumer behavior and the profound impact the advertising industry has on people’s well-being. I am genuinely fascinated by the underlying psychology that drives individuals to desire certain materials and how organisations adeptly construct their brands to present “benefits” to their target audience.

This unyielding curiosity led me to embrace the pursuit of ethical marketing. Advertising, sales, and marketing have long been integral industries that span generations and will undoubtedly endure for generations to come. Rather than merely bemoaning the issues I observe, I aspire to be an active contributor to the solutions.


JB: Great transition!

VAPAR embodies a product-led growth model embraced by an exceptional work culture and prosperous environment. When I first met Amanda and Michelle, I was instantly drawn to their story and wholeheartedly embraced their vision. When Amanda, with a knowing chuckle, inquired, “Why pipes?”, I replied with a smile that my North Star is founded on delivering value to others. This is what motivates me to get out of bed every morning and contribute meaningfully to a cause that genuinely benefits society.

With an impressive repertoire of resources and talent, VAPAR is poised for a brilliant future. Its alignment with both my personality and skill set is precisely why I consider VAPAR my professional home.

Punjabi Music or Bollywood Movies?

JB: This is a difficult choice for me, as both Punjabi music and Bollywood movies dominate my leisure time and childhood. Nevertheless, I must give the edge to Punjabi music. It exudes electrifying energy, and I find it to be the perfect complement to my gym sessions and long drives. Besides, Punjabi music boasts a rich cultural heritage, so it frequently finds its way into contemporary Bollywood films.

Would you rather spend a day with Virat Kohli or Shah Rukh Khan?

JB: Both Virat Kohli and Shah Rukh Khan are undisputed legends and “GOATs” in their respective domains. While I am a lifelong supporter of RCB and Bleed Blue, Shah Rukh Khan has made an indelible mark on the realm of Indian cinema. Hence, I would welcome the opportunity to spend a day in the company of SRK. I am confident that his captivating life experiences and wisdom would make for an exhilarating and enlightening encounter.

For more information about the latest developments at VAPAR, you can connect with Jay via our Contact page.

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