VAPAR Webinar Recording - Improve Decision Making Council Stormwater

Webinar Recording: How to improve decision-making for Council Stormwater Network Rehabilitation

Gain insights on optimising asset management practices, data-informed decision-making, renewal prioritisation, and budgeting.

This FREE webinar specifically designed for Councils and Utilities that provides information about how VAPAR can change the way you approach pipe condition assessments for stormwater networks.

What you will learn?

  1. Based on the damaged pipe, is it recommended to patch or line my pipe?
  2. How would I include a consequence of failure (CoF) in the decision-making workflow?
  3. Expert advice and tips on forecasting budget estimates quickly for upcoming capital rehabilitation programs

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Meet the Speaker

Mark Profile

Mark Lee

Mark Lee is a Civil Engineer and a former Senior Asset Engineer who has spent more than a decade managing the asset lifecycle of infrastructure. He has extensive experience managing pipeline networks, including design, construction, condition assessment and decommissioning.

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