BOM National Performance Report

BOM National Performance Report 2022-23: A wastewater snapshot

Discover key insights from the National Performance Report for Urban Water Utilities, released by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. This report, pivotal for the 2022-23 period, is now available for public access.
It provides detailed pricing and service quality benchmarking across urban water utilities in Australia.

VAPAR’s snapshot review of relevant wastewater sections offers utilities a valuable tool for monitoring trends and comparing key performance metrics within a national framework. Grouped by utility size, the report analyses metrics that affect both cost efficiency and service levels.
This year’s edition highlights notable trends in sewer main breaks and chokes, among other critical areas, offering a comprehensive overview for professionals in the sector.

Access VAPAR’s snapshot to gain a deeper understanding of the industry’s performance and to inform your strategic decisions.

Contents of report:

  • Gravity sewer mains and wastewater expenditure.
  • Reported Sewer main breaks and chokes from Australian Utilities.
  • Capital expenditure per property (Wastewater).
  • Total expenditure and operating cost per property. 
  • And much more detailed insights…

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