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What are our values?

    • People, first
      • At the heart of everything we do with our customers, our team and our investors is people.

      • We are building for the future of work

    • Authenticity​

      • No, to limited, separation between each version

      • Transparency, integrity all rolled in.​

    • Commitment to Customers​

      • Seeking a deep understanding of customer

      • Curiosity, problem solving all rolled in.​

    • Innovation​

      • “If it was easy, it would have been done already”​

      • Purpose, OOTB thinking, Pioneering all rolled in.​

Aligned purpose

  • Working in a start-up is incredibly hard, and not for everyone, which narrows the talent pool. We also compete with thousands of organisation for top talent.

  • The company mission or personal career mission should be people’s driver for working at VAPAR.

What it is What it isn’t
Giving the team unparalleled opportunities to learn and grow their career, unlike any other organisation.
Pushing top talent to complete burn out.
Not supporting career progression.

Collaboration/teamwork (Time zones and remote working are always working against us)​

  • Clear communication – Say what you mean, but add sufficient context..​

  • Empathetic/respectful communication – how you say things is important.​

  • Aim for a ‘no surprises’ outcome – Challenge others, raise issues early and respectfully​

  • We win as a team and learn as a team – recognise our interdependency – be ready to help your team mates if they ask, but respect the team’s time and priorities

What it is What it isn’t
Recognising interdependency on deadlines and clearly communicating constraints.
Always giving people the benefit of the doubt. No one has all the information, but everyone is here to do their best work.
Turning up to meetings fully prepared so starting meetings at 6pm your time, 7am for your colleagues is respectful and efficient for everyone.
Withholding critical feedback, information or questions because of the perception of authority or not wanting to hurt someone's feelings


  • Comfortable with complexity and uncertainty – We want problem solvers who apply first principals. Making everything fool-proof will allow fools to thrive.​

  • Fail forward/innovation – Embrace teaching moments​

  • Seeking opportunities to give and receive feedback for improvement

What it is What it isn’t
Seeking feedback in good times and in bad times. There are always lessons and way to improve.
Seeing a problem, and being proactive on contributing to the solution.
Changing things in isolation without recognising interdependency with other teams.


  • Be the expert for the team – Own your space, be the expert, be accountable – seek feedback, not consensus​

  • Learn fast to build greater competency – Close gaps quickly as they appear​

What it is What it isn’t
Recognising your accountability and acting on it
Shooting down ideas without sharing context. Build your colleagues understanding, and learn from their perspective.
Waiting for everyone to agree before making a decision.

What are the benefits of working at VAPAR?

  • You will be given unparalleled opportunities to grow and learn

  • Flexible/remote working support

  • Annual remuneration review​

Making your mark

We believe that each team member is vital to the team’s success. That’s why we make sure to provide opportunities to give direct feedback to leadership and be part of the companies transformation. We do this by having:

  • Making sure each team member is supported in a personality discovery​

  • Employee surveys

  • Monthly check-ins with all staff​

  • Quarterly all-hands strategy sessions​

  • Target setting for rewards & accountability​