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We help you in creating the fastest way to the right pipeline decision.

CAPEX/OPEX validation and reporting in one place. Powered by machine learning.

We help councils, utilities and contractors to save time & allocate sewer and drainage pipe expenditure with maximum efficiency.

Powered by machine learning, VAPAR.Solutions™ automatically codes inspection footage identifying and classifying defects.

Users can manage their projects using the inspection workflow manager, and export reports in multiple formats.Users can manage their projects using the inspection workflow manager, and export reports in multiple formats.

All done from one intuitive platform, removing the need for external storage to hold inspection data files.

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Head of Revenue - Europe
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Customer Success Analyst
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One Product, Multiple Applications.

Investment Decision Making for Emergency and Reactive Maintenance

VAPAR provides an efficient and consistent approach to processing inspections, and the subsequent investment decisions following a flooding or pollution event.

Investment Decision Making for Proactive Maintenance 

VAPAR enables the optimisation and efficient delivery of proactive inspection of high-consequence pipes. For example, pipes downstream of overflows or historically flooded properties.

Developing Capital Maintenance Programmes

VAPAR can process historical pipe inspection footage, and then use the outputs with the platform’s Repair Recommendation functionality to develop Capital Maintenance programmes to target Asset Health or Infiltration & Inflows.

Post Repair Inspections

VAPAR allows post-relining inspections to be processed within the warranty period and provides a third-party view on any remedial work

Investment Decision Making for Asset Adoptions

VAPAR provides a fast and visible way to manage the adoption of new sewerage and drainage pipes. Inspections are processed quickly, and any remedial works are identified consistently.

Integrating Pipe Inspection Data

VAPAR allows drainage and sewerage asset data to be accessed via existing GIS and Asset Management Systems. VAPAR’s API capability allows drainage condition data to be viewed alongside other asset data.

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