VAPAR Lunch & Learn S2E1 - Making Decisions in VAPAR

Lunch & Learn - Season 2 - Episode 4 - Making Decisions in VAPAR

Our Lunch and Learn are a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share your experiences, and explore the possibilities that VAPAR offers. 

Whether you’re a seasoned VAPAR user or just getting started, there will be valuable insights for everyone.

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Overview of this session:

  1. Review inspections on VAPAR, focusing on identified defects, as a precursor to the decision-making phase, which could involve either direct participation in the review process or receiving reviewed inspections from another team.
  2. Make repair recommendations based on the defect analysis, utilizing the platform’s tools to select appropriate actions, including the option for ‘no action’ if the condition of the asset is satisfactory.
  3. Enhance recommendations by providing additional details such as comments and assessments of the asset’s condition in terms of likelihood, severity, and frequency of issues, which aids in prioritizing maintenance and managing costs, especially for proactive maintenance programs.
  4. Recognize the variability in the repair recommendation process due to factors such as the specific application of VAPAR (e.g., reactive vs. proactive maintenance, inspection of new builds), budget constraints, and the user’s field experience, which influence the prioritization of repairs.
  5. Adapt the process to fit specific needs, acknowledging that VAPAR offers customization options for repair recommendations, particularly for UK customers, and that the decision on what repairs to recommend is informed by several complex factors, including the goal of the inspection, available budget, and industry experience.

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