VAPAR Lunch & Learn S2E1 - Reviewing Inspections in VAPAR

Lunch & Learn - Season 2 - Episode 3 -Reviewing inspections in VAPAR

Our Lunch and Learn are a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share your experiences, and explore the possibilities that VAPAR offers. 

Whether you’re a seasoned VAPAR user or just getting started, there will be valuable insights for everyone.

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Overview of this session:

  1. Begin the reviewing phase on VAPAR by tracking and managing uploads, ensuring that field teams’ footage is uploaded correctly, which serves as the foundation for subsequent inspection processing and analysis.
  2. Conduct a detailed review of inspections, which involves validating AI-generated outputs with a human touch to confirm accuracy, making necessary adjustments to defect codes, details like clock references, and hiding irrelevant frames, thus emphasizing the critical role of human oversight in conjunction with AI analysis.
  3. Utilize tools provided by VAPAR, such as the validation tool, to ensure inspection data aligns with industry standards (e.g., MSCC5 coding standards), highlighting the importance of precision in defect identification and reporting.
  4. Pay special attention to critical areas during reviews, such as joints, where defects are more likely to occur, as part of a comprehensive inspection strategy to identify and address potential issues effectively.
  5. Export inspection results in various formats (e.g., PDF reports, CSV spreadsheets) tailored to specific needs, facilitating the integration of this data into other systems for further actions like invoicing or asset management, thus completing the inspection and review phase with actionable outcomes.

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