Joe Bramwell Smith joined VAPAR

Meet the latest addition to our team: Joe Bramwell-Smith

Meet the latest addition to our team: Joe Bramwell-Smith!

Picture of Joe Bramwell Smith

As a product manager Joe loves to help build the strategy, standards and process that make it possible to make the right decisions about why and what to build.

To share a little more about Joe, we asked him to answer some questions about who he is and how this informs his approach to product: 

Tell us a bit about your background?

JBS: I have a fairly varied background and have worked in a mixture of development and product roles across large media, publishing and tech companies. A large part of my career has been spent at start-ups working on e-learning, social media, e-commerce and now engineering. I also have a degree in Mining Engineering.

How did you come to join VAPAR?

JBS: I loved what VAPAR are doing to solve a huge customer need with cutting edge tech. A great solution that smartly addresses a job to be done for the customer.

Where did your interest in Product Management come from?

JBS: In my prior career as a developer, I worked on lots of different projects with large groups of smart people, some of which were huge successes and some spectacular failures. I started to grow very interested by the ingredients that made the successes happen. Product management was my choice of career from then on.

What are your interests outside of work?

JBS: I spend time with my family and make furniture, surf and head out on the bike.

What is your advice for a better tomorrow?

JBS: There are always endless tasks and things to worry about. Try to prioritise what really matters to you.

For more information about the latest developments at VAPAR, you can connect with Joe on LinkedIn here or reach out to us via our Contact page.