Meet the latest addition to our team: Megan Clarkson

Meet the latest addition to our team: Megan Clarkson!

Megan Clarkson posing for photo

After completing her Bachelor of Science degree, Megan went on to work in various industries all over the world, and we are now excited to welcome her to her latest adventure with us at VAPAR! 

A Little Bit About Megan: 

Megan grew up in a small coastal city in South Africa, where she studied and completed her BSc degree. From there, she went on to expand her horizons by travelling, which led her to live and work in three new countries, each rewarding her with new experiences of different people, workforces and industries. 

Wanting to know more about her, we asked her a few questions: 

After all your travels, why VAPAR? 

MC: Throughout my travels, I’ve experienced the effects of poorly maintained water systems. Not only does it affect your personal life but work life as well, which then further hinders your personal life. It is a vicious cycle that is a detriment to your quality of life. Personally, I’ve experienced this in my hometown; we currently have a countdown to no water! VAPAR provides a solution that is efficient and time-saving, which is pivotal to fixing a currently broken system. Not only am I privileged to have the opportunity to work with such an innovative team, but I am proud to be a part of the change. Plus, it is co-founded by women- how powerful! 

Where do you see yourself in ten years? 

MC: Who knows?! The past ten years have proven just how fast the world is developing and adapting; each season brings a new normal that you could never have predicted. I hope not to stay tied down to a limited idea of what I could become for the next ten years and instead ride the wave, expect the unexpected and be daring. Each new season I want to expand on what I hope to become and one day be amazed at all the things I did that I never thought could be a possibility.

Are you a coffee or tea person? 

MC: Neither- I know, it’s shocking. 

For more information about the latest developments at VAPAR, you can connect with Anthony on Linkedin here or reach out to us via our Contact page.

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