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Working with Folders

Organising your files - Job folders

Watch the following video which demonstrates how you can create and edit folders:

The video doesn’t answer your question? Try reading the text following the video to find out more information.

By default, there is only one folder where your files will be uploaded which is the “Unallocated” job folder. To change this, select a different job folder prior to uploading your files with the dropdown that appears in the upload sidebar.

If you would like to create a new job folder, navigate to the Settings tab and click “Create a new job” and fill in the details of the new job, then click “Create”. If you are a contractor, you will be able to select from your list of clients or your own organisation to create a job for.

The Jobs table in the settings page shows the details for all jobs within your organisation.

To rename, bulk move files or remove jobs from this list, use the actions within the table.

Once changes are made to the job list, you can press the refresh button on the upload sidebar and header bar to reflect the changes to the jobs list.

Moving files

You will be able to move the files between jobs once uploaded by:

      1. using the Actions button for individual files on the Survey page shown in Individual File Actions.
      2. using the Bulk Actions button for selected files on the Survey page shown in Bulk Actions.
      3. using the Move Job button on the Settings page to move the contents of one entire job folder to another as shown in Organising your files

Filtering Job Folders using the Folder Search Bar

Using the job folder drop down at the top of the screen, you can select which jobs you want to see files from in the Survey table.

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