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Using the Explore page

Uploaded videos are automatically represented on a map using the location information that is displayed and extracted from the video.

Location pins are representative of the address, street location or suburb that is displayed and extracted in the title block of the video. The location pins are colour coded according to the highest value of the structural and service condition scores. Below is a description of the colour coding by condition score.

Navigating the map

    1. Panning: Click and drag your mouse cursor anywhere on the map to pan around.
    2. Zooming in: Use your mouse scroller to scroll up, or double click on the map
    3. Zooming out: Use your mouse scroller to scroll down
    4. Zoom buttons: You can also use the + / – buttons on the top left of the map to zoom in / out respectively

Viewing your video locations

Clicking the location pins will open up an information box with the further information about the videos associated with that location pin.

If there are multiple video results associated with a single location pin, the scroll bar in the information box will activate and allow for scrolling to view the additional video details.

The following results are shown in the information box:

    1. ID (as shown on the web platform)
    2. Asset ID
    3. Chainage
    4. Structural Grade
    5. Service Grade
    6. Data Captured

To view your results, click the Show Details button to be taken directly to the frame-by-frame page for this inspection.

Filtering points by Job Folders

By using the job folder drop down above the map, you can select which jobs you would like to see map points plotted for and press Go.

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