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Uploading your CCTV videos

Start a new upload

Watch the video below for a platform overview and how to upload a survey video to the platform.

Processing files

When your files have reached 100% upload Progress, the rest of the process is completed in our cloud servers and will no longer rely on your internet connection.

The uploaded video file names will appear in the Processing Videos list with details about the processing progress. There are four main Status’ that a file could have:


1. Waiting to process – this status means that the file is in the queue for processing. Files will have this status for a number of reasons, such as:

      1. the % upload Progress for that file has not yet reached 100%
      2. high demand of the cloud engine, so your files are in the queue for processing

2. Whilst the file has this status, you have the option to delete the file using the bin logo in the Actions column. If your file remains in this status for more than 30 minutes, please contact us on [email protected]

3. Processing – This means our cloud engine has started processing your file. Whilst the file has this status, you are unable to delete the file.

4. Completed – This means that the results are being transferred to be reviewed by the internal team.

Once files have been fully processed, the video will disappear from the Recently Uploaded Videos list will be updated. You can press the refresh icon next to the table headings to update the tables.

Cancelling an upload

An upload can be canceled when the status of the uploaded file is Waiting to process by clicking the icon in the Action column.

Once the file status changes to Processing, then the upload can no longer be cancelled using this method. However, you will be able to remove the uploaded file by following the instructions in Deleting uploaded files.

Deleting uploaded files

You will be able to remove files from the Processing Files list by clicking the delete icon in the Action column

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