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Survey Workflow

Watch the following video which demonstrates how you can change the status of surveys and how they move throughout the platform:

The video doesn’t answer your question? Try reading the text following the video to find out more information.

Inspection status

In the ‘Pipe Inspection Status’, all your jobs are categorised according to their status. 

Any footage that has been automatically processed using the VAPAR.Solutions™ AI will have its status as ‘Uploaded’ and will be tallied into the ‘Pipe Inspection Status’ module.

You can then change the status of individual inspections according to their stage. How each status is interpreted is completely up to you, however, here are the VAPAR definitions:

    1. Uploaded – Inspections that have been processed using the AI are automatically given this status.
    2. Reviewed – AI processed inspections that have been audited and ready for decision to be made on any work required.
    3. Decision – Inspections where confirmed decision has been made based on condition results.
    4. Actioned – Inspections where any decided work required has been completed.
    5. Archived – Final status for inspections where all actions are completed and asset management systems have been updated.

You can change the status of one survey by selecting the three dots next to a survey. Select ‘Set Status’ and then the status you would like to move the survey to.

You can also change the status of multiple surveys. 

In order to do this, you must click the boxes next to all the surveys you want to change the status for. If you would like to change the status of all the surveys, you need to click the select all box on the left hand side of the page.

Once you have selected the surveys you need, click the three dots under ‘Bulk Actions’ on the right-hand side of the page. From there, click ‘Set Status’ and then the status you would like to change your surveys to.

Additional Bulk Actions

Select the file (or files) that you would like to perform bulk actions on by using the checkboxes on the far left column of the Survey table.

Click the Bulk Actions … button on the top right side of the Survey table

There are 4 actions you can perform:

      1. Move Job – moves all selected files to the chosen Job
      2.  Exported As – to see all the options on how to export your data please see the ‘Exporting Your Data‘ page
      3. Set Status – sets the workflow status of all of the selected files to the chosen Status
      4. Delete All – this will delete all the selected files 
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