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Repair Recommendations

VAPAR.Solutions have released a new feature that provides users a repair recommendation for individual pipe inspections based on the defects identified from the CCTV condition inspection.

Watch the following video which demonstrates how you can view and edit repair recommendations:

The video doesn’t answer your question? Try reading the text following the video to find out more information.

Where is the repair recommendation shown?

The repair recommendation can be viewed on the ‘Analyze Frame’ page. When a repair recommendation is available it will be displayed in an expandable window directly below the inspection information details. You can click ‘Repair Recommendation’ to expand the window.

Repair recommendation screenshot

When is the Repair Recommendation available?

The repair recommendation will run, with results available to the user, when the following occurs:

  • Auto-run when the inspection status changes from ‘Uploaded’ to ‘Reviewed’
  • It is manually run on a single inspection from the ‘Analyze Frame’ page
  • It is manually run on a multiple inspection from the bulk actions menu on the ‘Survey’ page
Repair recommendation dashboard
Repair recommendation dashboard picture 3

What are the different rows in the Repair Recommendation window?

The VAPAR row contains a suggestion determined directly from the repair parameters set and the defects identified.

The Recommend row displays the suggestion from your contractor (if you are a contractor, then this row will be editable).

The Decision row is an editable section for utility users to record their final repair decision.

Note: All 3 rows may not always be visible to users, it is expected that only 2 of 3 rows will show in most instances.

Repair recommendation dashboard picture

What are the different Repair Recommendation categories?

No Action: If no immediate action is required, this box should be checked to confirm the decision that no repair is scheduled.

Roots: Root treatment or cutting recommended

Debris: Jetting or cleaning of pipe to remove debris and deposits recommended.

Patch: Patching of pipe sections recommended (# of patches listed)

Dig-Up: Due to the type of defect observed, it is likely that it will required excavation down to pipe at this location to repair

Lining: Lining of full pipe recommended (if Lining is selected then roots, debris, patch will be automatically deselected even if checked).

Repair Notes: Location to enter details about repair recommendation type and chainage.

Can Repair Recommendations be exported?

A csv file can be exported from VAPAR.Solutions from bulk actions menu on the ‘Survey’ page. Users can select one, many or all inspections using the checkboxes on the left and then choose to export the Repair Recommendations to a csv file.

For contractors the export will contain the Recommend row result. For asset owners (Councils, Utilities, Municipalities) the export will contain the Decision row result.

Repair recommendation dashboard

What parameters are used for the initial VAPAR suggested repair recommendation?

The following defect/repair parameters are assigned a value for the repair suggestion logic. The current default values used are shown below. Default parameters can be adjusted at a utility level – you are welcome to contact us if you need to adjust the parameters are would like additional information about repair recommendations ([email protected]).

Minimum roots class (default = 15%)

The minimum percentage of roots that will trigger ‘Root Repair’.

Debris build up class: (default = 15%)

Debris build up length: (default = 1m)

If one or more instances of 15% debris/deposits or greater is observed in any 1m pipe segment ‘Clear Debris’ will be suggested.

Debris single instance class: (default = 20%)

Any instance of >= 20% debris/deposits will trigger the ‘Clear Debris’ will be suggestion.

Patch score minimum: (default = 50)

Patch length for scoring: (default = 1m)

If the sum of structural scores is greater than 50 over 1m then ‘Patch’ will be suggested at that location.

Maximum number of patches over distance: (default = 2)

Maximum distance for patch: (default = 30m)

If initial suggestion requires more than 2 patches in 30m section, then change suggestion to line full pipe length.

Maximum number of patches in total: (default = 3)

If pipe requires >3 patches then change suggestion to line full pipe length.

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