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The Dashboard

Once you login, you will be directed to the Dashboard page. The Dashboard is where you can view the summarised statistics of the CCTV videos that have been processed in your account ( can be filtered by your selected job folders).

Note: If you are logging in for the first time, this will not yet be populated.

Watch the following video which guides you through the dashboard:

The video doesn’t answer your question? Try reading the text following the video to find out more information.

There are a number of items in the dashboard that give you insight into your assets including:

    1. Inspection status
    2. Asset location
    3. Summary of structural and service scores
    4. Pipe materials
    5. Chainage

Inspection status

In the ‘Pipe Inspection Status’, all your jobs are categorised according to their status. 

Any footage that has been automatically processed using the VAPAR.Solutions™ AI will have its status as ‘Uploaded’ and will be tallied into the ‘Pipe Inspection Status’ module.

You can then change the status of individual inspections according to their stage. How each status is interpreted is completely up to you, however, here are the VAPAR definitions:

    1. Uploaded – Inspections that have been processed using the AI are automatically given this status.
    2. Reviewed – AI processed inspections that have been audited and ready for decision to be made on any work required.
    3. Decision – Inspections where confirmed decision has been made based on condition results.
    4. Actioned – Inspections where any decided work required has been completed.
    5. Archived – Final status for inspections where all actions are completed and asset management systems have been updated.

Asset location

The map shows the locations of your assets that have been processed in the platform.

Location pins are representative of the address, street location, or suburb that is displayed and extracted in the title block of the video.

The location pins are colour coded according to the highest value of the structural and service condition scores.

Clicking on a location pin will display a pop-window containing information about the asset it represents.

Summary of structural and service scores

The structural and service score graphs display the spread of scores calculated by the platform for processed videos.

A score of 5 is denoted by red colour being the maximum, and the score of 1 denoted by green is the lowest. To see the number of assets for a given score, hover your mouse over the coloured bar on the graph.

Pipe materials

Materials used pie chart simply shows the distribution of materials used in your inspections.

Hover your mouse over each section to see the material count.


The chainage graphs let you track how many inspections you have completed.

Hover your mouse over each bar to see the dates and meterage.

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