CCTV Contractors

VAPAR’s platform gives CCTV Contractors the power to automate their pipe inspection and assessment process to save time, money, and deliver more value.

VAPAR Platform

Why do CCTV Contractors use VAPAR?


VAPAR's platform codes and reviews footage automatically. This saves your operators time on-site, and automates the time-consuming pipe footage inspection process.


VAPAR's platform is a turnkey solution, meaning that you'll be spending less time, money and energy on training your workforce, allowing them to get up and running sooner!


VAPAR's platform allow you to analyse footage rapidly, and transmit data to your clients quickly and easily, helping you to get paid faster.

How it works

Our platform changes the way CCTV Contractors provide inspection data to their clients, making the footage transfer and review process easy,  effective and efficient.

Our Integrations

VAPAR offers a range of great integrations to deliver value to Contractors and their clients.


Get your existing GIS updated automatically from VAPAR outputs and streamline your processes.

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Feed inspection and condition results directly into your Asset Management Software.

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Cloud Storage

Streamline the transfer of inspection footage with a custom cloud storage integration.

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Integrate with your existing business ERP to align business processes and keep your team agile. 

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Priced to suit you.

No matter the size of your organisation, the size of your clients, or the number of projects you handle, VAPAR has a solution to suit you.


Want your pricing to reflect the amount of work you're handling? With VAPAR's pay-as-you-go pricing, you'll never pay for anything more than you actually use.

Capped Pricing

Want the flexibility to process more footage without worrying about additional cost? VAPAR's capped pricing offers a great blend of predictability and flexibility.

Want to see how VAPAR could work for you?

We’d love to show you how VAPAR can help your organisation!