What is VAPAR?

VAPAR is a cloud platform that automates condition assessment directly from pipe CCTV footage. VAPAR users enjoy superior accuracy in the tracking of maintenance and repair requirements for this infrastructure in addition to significant savings in associated labour costs.


Delivering the right technology to eliminate repetitive manual tasks in infrastructure management.

We partner with our customers on their biggest challenges and use the latest technology to provide compelling solutions.


VAPAR was founded in January 2018 by two Australian engineers on a mission to automate manual tasks in asset management.

Today, the VAPAR platform processes over two hundred thousand metres of wastewater infrastructure for dozens of clients across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Since its establishment, VAPAR has received over $1.2 million in funding from the Australian Government, NSW Government, and some of Australia’s most ambitious investors.

Our team

CEO and Co-founder

Amanda Siqueira

As a civil engineering intern, Amanda used to manually review CCTV pipe inspection videos for 8 hours a day for Sydney Water in Australia. Since then, she has worked in design, construction and remediation of drainage and sewer pipes in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Together with Michelle, she started VAPAR with a vision to bring emerging technology into the Asset Management space and revolutionise the way infrastructure is tracked, repaired and maintained. Amanda leads the operations, sales and business administration for VAPAR.

CTO and Co-founder

Michelle Aguilar

Michelle is a co-founder of VAPAR and has been the technical lead for the company since its inception. Over this time, Michelle’s role has transformed from being the sole developer and administrator for VAPAR software, to managing a team of software developers and data scientists, making customer focused decisions for the technical roadmap of VAPAR’s products.

Her career background spans multiple industries including wastewater, process automation, writing specifications and deploying user-tested code to production for Australia’s largest bank. Michelle leads product development and technical implementation of VAPAR’s vision.

Business Development Manager (ANZ)

Mark Lee

Mark has spent more than a decade as an engineer managing the asset lifecycle of pipes. He’s been involved in design and construction through to condition assessment and decommissioning, including all that occurs between. 

He made the move from a public utility to VAPAR after seeing the industry’s need for improved modern solutions to pipe condition assessment and the associated management of data. Mark understands our customer’s requirements and is passionate about bringing efficient solutions to them.

Customer Success Manager (ANZ)


Dan is a passionate and dedicated professional who has spent over a decade developing exemplary customer experiences. After 4 years working in a electronic engineering research department in Scotland, he came to work in luxury business management in Australia in 2012. During this work, he developed a keen eye for delivering above & beyond client expectations and he understands the intrinsic value of the relationships formed to deliver success.

Originally from the UK he’s happy to now call South Australia home and joins the team as our Customer Success Manager (AU/ NZ).

Customer Success Analyst (UK/EU)

Declan Smit

Declan completed a Business and Management degree at The University of Portsmouth. After this experience he started working in the water industry in the non-Household sector of South West Water consistently improving their position in the wholesaler league table. He sought a new challenge as a Customer Success Analyst at VAPAR to test his skills in a higher-paced environment.

At VAPAR, he has uses his data analytics background to create interactive Power BI dashboards and gather insight from users on the platform to improve the customer experience.

Key Account Manager (UK/EU)

Asha Siddique

Asha brings a wealth of experience within the utilities sector and specifically Waste Network Management. With a background in managing various customer service teams, Asha has a deep understanding of optimizing client processes to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

As VAPAR’s Key Account Manager, Asha is dedicated to leveraging technology to drive innovation and streamline operations for our clients.

Technical Lead

Simon scheepers

Simon has over 19 years technical experience across multiple industries, from starts-ups through to large mining corporations.

As VAPAR’s Technical Lead, Simon is dedicated to ensuring VAPAR delivers world class VAPAR solutions to its customers as well as leading and mentoring the development team.

Data Scientist


Elakkiya is a skilled and knowledgeable professional in the field of computer vision and deep learning. She has extensive experience in using artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve complex problems in a variety of industries, including supply chain and logistics, the biomedical industry, and digital marketing. 

In addition to her technical expertise, Elakkiya is committed to using her skills to drive positive social impact. She believes that the mass adoption of inclusive technologies like computer vision can help create more equitable and inclusive workplaces.

Junior Data Scientist


Neil has a strong passion for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. He recently completed his Master’s degree in Information Technology, specialising in Artificial Intelligence.

Prior to his academic pursuit, Neil worked in the investment advising sector. He is consistently inspired by the capabilities of technology and is continuously seeking opportunities to learn and grow in both his professional and personal life.

Senior Frontend Engineer

Darren inglis

Darren Inglis has been working as a Senior Frontend Developer for the past 8 years. As a Senior Frontend Developer, he has been responsible for designing and implementing the frontend, user-facing, elements of web and mobile applications.

Darren Inglis has gained a wide range of skills and expertise over the course of his 8 years in the field, including strong knowledge of frontend technologies and frameworks, as well as experience guiding teams and mentoring junior developers. He has also worked on a variety of projects for different clients and organizations and has a proven track record of delivering high-quality frontend solutions.

Senior Software Engineer

Paul cooper

Paul has a decade of experience in the Software Development industry. His previous roles include work on a server engine for a platform that hosts over 7 million monthly active users as well as with a Berlin start-up team that builds machine learning-powered, digital ads optimisation systems for both search and e-commerce platforms.

A die-hard technologist, he is focused and obsessed with delivering high-quality, reliable and performant code for the VAPAR platform.

Software Developer


Jess made the switch to become a software developer almost 4 years ago by signing up for a full-time coding boot camp. This led her to her full-stack developer role at a medical tech company, giving her exposure and experience to a range of front-end, back-end and infrastructure skills.

Jess loves to use her powers for good and gravitates towards projects with a clear mission to create positive change in the world. She welcomes any opportunity to learn new skills and grow as both a developer and a human.

Software Developer

Brett Samuels

Brett is a full-stack web developer with a mechatronic engineering background. Brett’s technical skills range from development to robotics, and he has a passion for skills acquisition and attention to detail.

Brett’s passions outside of work are in the live production industry, primarily around music production but also ranging in to live broadcast and videography.

Software Developer


Daniel is a passionate software engineer with a background in machine learning. While primarily having worked in web application development and cloud infrastructure, Daniel’s interest in software extends wide from compilers and programming language theory to networking and distributed systems. 

Bringing prior experience in developing ML driven SaaS products, Daniel is keen to elevate VAPAR’s platform to the next level. He is excited to be part of a team that is making a positive impact on the world by improving the way we manage our water infrastructure.

Finance and Risk Advisor

Aine leonard

Aine is an experienced financial professional who has facilitated growth in a number of high growth international businesses through her career.  By bringing together chartered accountancy and her experience in corporate governance, Aine supports the VAPAR team to help deliver on their corporate strategy by working through end-to-end financial, operational and risk management, and overseeing VAPAR’s strategy and business plans.

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